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I miss these

I miss these

Text rant please ignore

As a fellow angsty teenager I get the whole “parents are lame” thing but if you think it’s ok to constantly disrespect your parents I honest to god will think less of you for it. They feed you and wiped your little tiny baby ass and loved you to death and now you’re being a whiny bitch about not getting gas money or having a curfew. Sure you might disagree with them but don’t act like you’re 5.

My brother totally sucks at watching football

Some guy with two weenies is doing an ama and this is my Thursday night

What happened to people

Or did I change

Eh oh well next box of mike and ikes

Not sure if I want to shmang the Wendy’s girl or punch her

Life update:
Brother keeps making zoidberg noises and I don’t think he even realizes he’s doing it at this point

High school pro tip: you aren’t in love you are just a horndog

Is today “be an asshole to Caleb day” because nobody told me